Audience Analysis

Persuaders will spend a lot of time anayzing their audience in an attempt to form their messge in a way that will be resonate with the audience. This is done in several ways.
  • Audience Segmentation -Perusaders will break the audience down into groups based off their their physical traits and their beliefs.
    • Demographics is the seperation of audience members based off of traits and characteristics such as, age, gender, ethnicity, and religious affiliation.
    • Psychographics is the seperation of the audience based off of their beliefs.
    • Geodemographics is the placement into groups based off of geographic location.

external image demographics2.jpg external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQeteKOcehRp_fuJsXUj9RPEB8SQRQUig9GcmYpRSfka-y5TW_Uexternal image Segment.gif

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